• Middle School

    BTC Middle School Group Information 2019

    COACH: Freyja Troop – 720-975-7931

    EMAIL: freyja@bouldertrackclub.com

    Boulder Track Club’s (BTC) Middle School Group is a new and exciting part of the BTC community. We strive to induce a lifelong passion for running with kids aged 11 – 15.  In addition to great age appropriate training, our Middle School Group has several chances to participate in events outside of the training sessions with cross-country, trail, track and road races.

    Costs – two step process

    1.       BTC Middle School Membership Fee:  It is a first time fee of $25 (11 – 12 yrs) $35 (13 – 15yrs) and an annual fee of $15 (11 – 12 yrs) $25 (13 – 15yrs) after the first year.  All children receive a T-shirt upon registering for the first time and also their membership fee helps to cover costs for equipment such as hurdles, cones, batons, speed ladders, and a medical kit. To register, please go to: https://bouldertrackclub.com/about/join/

    2.       BTC Middle School Group Training Fee: $60.00 per season or $10.00 per drop in. This is considered a “Donation” and not a payment and this fee goes directly to the coach to cover the costs of transportation and is a small stipend for the coaches’ time. To make a donation for the training season that your child will be participating in, please:

    • PayPal direct to freyjatroop@gmail.com (preferred)
    • Check – write the check to Freyja Troop
    • Cash
    • Boulder Track Club MISC payment – MISC Payment (This will go to Boulder Track Club who will then forward the payment onto Freyja Troop)

    *Please remember to only send PayPal money through your bank account on PayPal (no credit card). Otherwise, if you would prefer to use a credit card, please pay the $1.75 transfer fee.

    Training Seasons

    Season Training Location Day/Time Dates Cost per child
    Winter Manhattan Middle School SAT 8 – 9am February 16th to April 6th
    8 training sessions
    Manhattan Middle School WED 5.30 – 6.30pm March 13th – April 3rd
    (we will start after daylight savings starts)
    Spring Viele Lake SAT 8 – 9am April 27th to June 15th
    8 training sessions
    Manhattan Middle School WED 5.30 – 6.30pm May 1st – June 12th
    7 training sessions
    Summer Manhattan Middle School SAT 7:30 – 8:30am July 6th to August 24th
    8 training sessions
    Manhattan Middle School WED 5.30 – 6.30pm July 10th to Aug 21st
    7 training sessions
    Fall Viele Lake SAT 8 – 9am September 14th to November 2nd
    8 training sessions
    Manhattan Middle School WED 5.30 – 6.30pm September 18th – Oct 30th
    7 training sessions


    Proposed core Races for 2019

    Middle School Track – starts April 2019, check your school’s website for specific dates

    Frank Shorter Race 4 Kids – https://race4kidshealth.com/

    Boulder Road Runners All Comers Summer Track Meet Series – http://boulderroadrunners.org/

    Boulder Bolder – https://bb10k.bolderboulder.com/

    West End 4K (Kids Race) – https://www.teamboco.com/

    Frank Shorter Track Classic 1M – https://www.teamboco.com/

    Pearl St Mile – https://www.teamboco.com/

    CalaRat Trail Race 1M – https://www.teamboco.com/

    *We will add more races when we have more permanent dates for 2019. We will make sure you have plenty of opportunities to race so look out for the weekly emails from the Youth Group Coach.