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  • High Performance Team

    The Boulder Track Club’s High Performance Team goal under coach Clint Wells is to provide training and racing guidance, support and knowledge in a professional and controlled environment for athletes to achieve their national and international racing goals.

    All BTC High Performance athletes will train together and support each other in their pursuit of running and athletic excellence while representing the club, community and sponsors at local, state, national and international events.

    It is also expected that all BTC High Performance athletes support the club with their community and charity programs and accept the responsibility that comes with being a positive role model within the community.

    BTC High Performance athletes are classified as having the potential to improve on the standards that have been set by the club and meet national or international standards that have been set by the USATF and IAAF.

    Boulder Track Club will assist in providing a stable environment with support in the following:

    • Coaching and training support
    • Short term and long term race planning
    • Assistance with sponsorship / employment opportunities
    • Guidance with athlete agent selection
    • Financial planning review and advice
    • Equipment support for those athletes without product sponsorship (if available)
    • Financial and medical funding (if available)

    In order to be considered for the BTC High Performance Team, you must have obtained the time standards required and be accepted by the team coach.

    USATF Member LogoOnce accepted, you must become a registered BTC member as well as a registered USATF member. You can find all the USATF registration information here. Make sure you list the Boulder Track Club (Member No: 32-0348) as your registered USATF CO club.



    Should you require further information, please email clint@bouldertrackclub.com.