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    Fleet Feet Sports Boulder

    Fleet Feet Boulder has been serving the Boulder community for over 16 years. We have amazing customer service and offer expert gait analysis and shoe fittings to identify the right running or walking shoe for you.
    We have a great selection of shoe choices, we also sell the most current and up-to-date running and athletic leisure apparel, along with the best medical, hydration and nutrition items you would need to keep you injury free and performing at your very best.
    Don’t forget we have a Monday night run/ walk from the store starting at 6pm that is FREE and open to runners and walkers of all abilities.

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    SOS Re-Hydration

    SOS is a fast-acting electrolyte replacement drink with 75% less carbohydrates than the average sports drink and three-times the electrolytes.

    Engineered by a doctor and two former professional athletes SOS provides a rehydration solution that is as effective as an intravenous (IV) drip for mild to moderate dehydration.

    Utilizing the foremost medical science, SOS’s method of oral rehydration therapy and water absorption follows the standards outlined by UNICEF and the World Health Organization to keep you performing at your peak.

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    Rally Sport

    For over 30 years we have been at the heart of Boulder and we lead the way in innovation, facilities and personal attention. We are passionate about exercise and wellness. To us, healthy living is more than just exercise:

    It’s about Community
    It’s about Passion
    It’s about You!

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    Great Western Bank

    Since our charter began in 1907, Great Western Bank has welcomed thousands of banking relationships in the Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and South Dakota areas.

    Great Western Bank has continued to expand and develop a strong sense of community. Our employees engage in a wide range of community service, from volunteering time and donating to local organizations, to serving on boards of civic and non-profit organizations. We believe in helping children through education by partnering with public schools and providing scholarship funding. This is just another way we’re helping to build and strengthen the communities we serve.

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    Ozo Coffee

    We embrace our coffee with about as much passion, dedication, and prowess as humanly possible! Our highly skilled Baristas know their craft and aim to please with every pour.




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    Colorado Nutrition

    Locally owned and operated Colorado Nutrition offers a personable, educated, and diverse staff of fitness professionals. You’ll find education and innovation from our team as we devote ourselves to improving the health of the people in Boulder via customized nutrition consulting, advanced nutritional supplements, and product support. From weight loss, to increased energy, gaining muscle, running further, cycling faster, or jumping higher; from moms and dads to high school and collegiate athletes—our commitment lies in providing a consistently high level of product, service and knowledge.

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    High Altitude Spine and Sport

    At High Altitude Spine & Sport, Dr Richard Hansen is dedicated to helping patients return to optimal health as efficiently as possible. Dr Hansen doesn’t just focus on treating your symptoms, he will look at the body as a whole from a bio-mechanical & functional point-of-view in order to properly diagnose and stop the repetitive injury cycle.

    Services Provided:
    Active Release Technique
    Graston Technique
    Gait Analysis
    Functional Assessments
    Strength Training and Conditioning Consulting
    Athletic Pre-Participation Physicals

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    Upslope Brewing Company

    Upslope donates $1 to the BTC for each beer a BTC member purchases in one of their taprooms.

    Hand-crafted | Aluminum Can | Portable | Recyclable | Good

    Upslope Brewing Company is proud to deliver supremely palatable, quality ales and lagers that are bursting with flavor.  Hand-crafted in small batches, Upslope beer is nothing but pure goodness, served up in a portable, recyclable aluminum can for the on-the-go beer enthusiast.  Using only the purest ingredients–snowmelt, premium Rahr malts, Patagonian hops, and brewer’s yeast–we expertly coax our beer until it reaches optimum flavor.  It’s about the encounter, it’s about the can, but most of all it’s about the craft.

    Lee Hill | 1501 Lee Hill Road #20 | Boulder, CO 80304 | Phone: 303-449-2911

    Flatiron Park | 1898 S. Flatiron Court | Boulder, CO 80301 | Phone: 303-396-1898

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