• Community

    The Boulder Track Club is very community focused and encourages its members to be involved in charity and community based initiatives that require major support with volunteers.

    In 2015, our efforts and support were driven into Jamestown CO, helping to co-ordinate and conduct a “Festival of Sport, Music and Arts” for the town to rebuild and move forward after the devastating floods of 2013.

    Over the last several years, the Boulder Track Club has been involved in a number of community projects.
    Some of them are:

    Working with our Youth Training Group as coaches/ mentors and role models.

    Working with Achilles International by providing able bodied volunteers to support disabled athletes with training/ racing support and transportation.

    Providing training clinics and mentoring to young women from the Betty K. Marler Center in Denver, who have suffered from substance abuse, mental health, abuse and trauma, eating disorders, self-mutilation and criminal conduct behaviors.

    Trail restoration and maintenance work with the City of Boulder OSMP.

    Assisting Boulder Flood Relief with clean up and restoration work after the floods of 2013.